DAWN RAID is in Cinemas!

So, I worked on this little thing at GFC Films with Matthew Metcalfe and Universal, in another collaboration with my editing partner Tim Woodhouse (Tim, I think it's time we make it official after four films).

And to be honest, working with Director Oscar Kightley was a buzz for me (I am quite a fan - though I didn't mention that; Kiwis don't acknowledge celebrity status). Anyway it's out, and apparently people like it; with numerous 5 Star reviews and a 100% on Rotten Tomatoes! But hey as soon as I saw the story I knew it had it all, it was one of those stories an editor dreams about - a tale with all those ups and downs, that are no doubt difficult for those living through them, but they sure make for a good story! Watching the premiere in South Auckland with friends and family of Brotha' D and Andy was a career highlight. And a huge thanks to super producer Leela Menon for make it all happen - and for this t-shirt that just arrived in the mail!

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