McLAREN Premiere

Last year was a big opportunity to work on a big documentary directed by iconic kiwi filmmaker Roger Donaldson and it was tough! What started as a 5 week fill-in job, ended up as an entire year, working together with lead editor Tim Woodhouse, in one of the most rewarding creative collaborations I've had.

Unfortunately my wife was away in Europe when the film premiered in NZ, so I took my daughter Mina, who I'm sure got more attention than anyone else at the show.

I was assuming she'd fall asleep before the movie even started, as that was long after her bedtime already. She honestly stayed glued to the screen, whispering lots of questions in my ear and genuinely enjoying a documentary relayed by a cast of elderly men and women about car-racing in the 60s. She informed the enamoured admirers, who approached her from every angle, that she had already seen one racing movie, it was called "Wreck-It Ralph".

Start NZ On Screen - McLaren - Badge

The film is in cinemas now and is not just a racing film, but one of those kiwi stories you really should see, it's a sensitive take on a very rough occupation, it's about friendship and love, and about what it means to achieve something truely enduring.

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