James Brown

Based in Auckland, NZ. I have always been a creative person, excelling in art from an early age. I studied a BFA at Elam School of Fine Arts majoring in Intermedia and began directing and editing short films. I received a number of scholarships and developed a passion for storytelling through narrative film, culminating in a short feature shot on 16mm.

Since graduating in 2003, I have work full-time as an offline editor working across all editing platforms. I have discovered a love for employing beautiful images and intimate stories in engaging documentary films.

I have edited for top New Zealand filmmakers: Roger Donaldson, Justin Pemberton, Pietra Brettkelly, Tom & Sumner Burstyn, Julia Parnell and Briar March and won the 2013 Best Documentary Editing award with Annie Goldson at the New Zealand Film Awards.

I have shot and edited for producers of TV and online content for corporate and community outreach programs: Ogilvy, FCB, Flying Fish, FarmerClark, Myspace, The Learning Connexion and The Human Rights Commission.

I have also directed numerous documentaries, music videos and internet spots which has involved travelling to Africa, UK, Europe, Japan, Brazil, Fiji and the US. My feature documentary directorial debut “Red, White, Black & Blue” won awards at numerous festivals around the world, including Best Documentary at the Idyllwild Cinema Fest and Best Documentary Editing at the Amsterdam Film Festival.


Selected Filmography

“CAPITAL in the 21st Century” – Editor(in Post-Production)
“Red White Black & Blue: Children of the Sun” – Director / Editor(in Post-Production)
“Red White Black & Blue: Odyssey” – Director / Editor

“McLAREN” – Editor / Writer(Dir. Roger Donaldson)

“Dog’s Best Friend” Feature Doc – Editor(Dir. Eryn Wilson)
“Paddle for the North” Feature Doc – Editor – (Dir. Simon Lucas)

“Drug Court” TV Doc – Editor – (Dir. Julia Parnell)
“Red White Black & Blue 3” Feature Doc – Director / Editor

“He Toki Huna / New Zealand in Afghanistan” Feature & TV Doc – Editor – (Dir. Annie Goldson & Kay Ellmers)
“Lost & Found in China” Feature Doc – Co-Director / Editor – (Co-Directed with Anton Leach)
“Pretty Brutal” Feature Doc – After Effects Artist – (Dir. Monica De Alwis)
“Soul in the Sea” Feature Doc – Online Editor(Dir. Amy Taylor)
“Flickering Time Bomb” Feature Doc (in post-production) – Tech Support(Dir. Pietra Brettkelly)
“Know Your Mind” Online Series for Victoria University – Editor (Dir. Alison Farmer & Simon Clark)
“Taonga  – Not dead fish” Short Doc (in post-production) – Editor(Dir. Oliver Kraft)

“Red, White, Black & Blue” Feature Doc – Director / Editor
“Red, White, Black & Blue” Trailer – Director / Editor
“I Want To Walk With My Moko” Short Doc – Editor – (Dir. Alison Farmer & Simon Clark)
“The Rise of Mt Eden” Doc Trailer – Director / Editor
“notes to eternity” Feature Doc – Early Editor – (Dir. Sarah Cordery)

“Brother Number One” Feature Doc – Editor – (Dir. Annie Goldson)
“Brother Number One” Trailer – Editor
“Some Kind of Love” Feature Doc – Early-Editor – (Dir. Thomas Burstyn)
“Maori Boy Genius” Feature Doc – Co-Editor – (Dir. Pietra Brettkelly)

“The Creative Adventures of James Brown” Online Series – Director / Editor
“South Auckland Poets’ Collective” Short Doc – Editor – (Dir. Oliver Kraft)
“Making a Difference at Work” Short Doc – Editor – (Dir. Briar March)
“Fighting for Pay Equity” Short Doc – Editor – (Dir. Briar March)
“Msanii: Artists of Bagamoyo” Doc – Director / Co-Editor
“Art in The Freezer” TV Doc – Editor

Various short docs and music videos. Works available on request.

Honours & Awards

He Toki Huna: New Zealand in Afghanistan. 2013 Editor
Best Documentary Editing 2013. New Zealand Film Awards (with Annie Goldson)

Lost & Found in China. 2013 Director / Editor
Official Selection 2014. Pan African Film Festival (Los Angeles)

Red White Black and Blue. 2012 Director / Editor
Best Documentary 2013. Idyllwild Cinema Fest
Best Documentary Film Editing 2013. Amsterdam Film Festival
Best Feature 2013. Raglan Film Festival
Nomination – Best New Zealand Documentary 2013. Documentary Edge Festival
Nomination – Best Director 2013. Idyllwild Cinema Fest
Nomination – Best Documentary 2013. San Diego Black Film Festival
Nomination – Best Diaspora Documentary 2013. Africa Movie Academy Awards
Rising Star Award 2013. Canada International Film Festival

Elevator (Music Video). 2006 Director / Editor
Finalist 2006. Handle the Jandal

Short film submission. 2002
Denise Gerald Scholarship

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  • Hi James,

    Had a look at some of your work and I really like your style and commitment to the story. I am wondering if you are currently taking on work? I am working with a new team of producers at NZME and we are constantly looking for talented editors.

    Great work,

    Sean Loftin

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