Rate Card

Director / Camera / Sound / Assistant + Gear
$2800-3600 / day + gst

( BOM brings together dynamic teams to take on shoots that require high-quality at pace. You can also hire James as a one-man-band )

Camera: Canon DSLR with ML firmware
Lenses: 24-105mm Canon L Series, 55-250mm, 50mm & 20mm F1.8 Primes.
Manfrotto Tripod.
$650 / day + gst

Additional Equipment
Gimbal, extender & GoPro $100 / day + gst
Edelkrone Slider Plus. $50 / day + gst
Gib Arm (4ft). $50 / day + gst
Lighting Kit – 600 & 240 LED Array & stands, Flexi-fill. $100/day + gst
Audio – Wired lapel Microphones (x2) and shotgun mic $100/day + gst

( An additional sound recordist is recommended  for high quality sound. This can be arranged )

Editor Day Rate ( including Edit Suite – for any post, graphics, editing or grading )
System: Mac Pro ( 2014 ): 6-Core 3.5Ghz Processor, 64Gb RAM, 2 x 6Gb Graphics, Solid State Internal Drive with 8Tb External Thunderbolt Media Drive ( a beast basically… )
Edit Platforms: Avid MC, FCP7, FCPX and Adobe Creative Cloud
$650/day + gst

Rates are based on the DEGNZ recommended rate and the system comes at no additional charge. Please contact me as far in advance as possible of your project starting to secure a booking. For editing, I am happy to be contacted in advance of your shoot to talk with you about how best to deal with your media.

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