The BOM Suite

The BOM edit suite has had a revamp, rocking a new Mac Pro: 3.5GHz 6 Core Processor, 64Gb RAM, 2x 6Gb graphics cards and 512Gb SSD. This breaks out into my original iMac through Thunderbolt, providing a second display and peripherals: FW800, DVD burner, SD card reader. The project media runs off a 8Tb Thunderbolt G-Raid.

Transcoding “Red White Black & Blue 3”, my current edit’s 80 hours of footage would be a major drag, weeks of processing time and tonnes of storage space required. The new system using Adobe Premiere Pro CC facilitates project prep in a fraction of the time and allows for higher production levels with high end grading capabilities and eventually complete 4K workflows…

The skull is a Festival of the Dead piece bought at Venice Beach on our recent LA shoot, and it makes for a fitting and much needed headphone stand. The “Mean As” boards are from a group of street artists in Auckland I interviewed a while back.